I borrowed the title “Movement Never Lies” from Karen Kain’s autobiography (famous Canadian ballet dancer) that I bought and read years ago. I never forgot that title and never forgot the book. It was beautiful, very informative, interesting, inspiring and a relief also in some ways since dance has always been a big part of my life and consequently, some of the issues in there I could relate to.

But this is not a blog about dance, though I’m sure some posts will be related to that. This is about what moves us. What triggers a joy inside, an excitement, an increase of energy, what feels like a magical moment, what makes you smile inside and out, what touches our hearts, our souls, our spirits or whatever you want to call it. You know, those moments big or small that put a twinkle in your eye or make you feel really good.

My point, selfishly, is to keep a record of that here because I’ve been blessed with quite a few of those moments and don’t want to forget them. I even want to linger a bit in those moments and give them my attention. I don’t just want to list them. I’ve done that and that’s not creative enough for me and it doesn’t give those moments the attention they deserve. By giving them more attention, I also want to rejoice in the positive, in the abundance, in the goodness and the support that surround us and therefore keep feeling good about life and its many blessings. And I know it’ll train my mind and heart to look for more moments like that all the time, which can only improve my outlook on life, so there, 🙂 that is the point.

And of course I’d love to share it with friends and strangers so that they can in turn share their special moments and inspire more of us to stop and smell the roses more often or look in places we’d never think to look. So enjoy and have fun!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. The title is perfect! It is so eloquently pure and truthful like the words you express in capturing that moment in time.

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