girl-797837_1920The first time I remember thinking about Bliss was watching my cat totally in love with life.  She was purring and smiling from under 4 layers of her favorite blanket as well as basking in the sun coming through the window, not to mention enjoying the warm air coming from the heater! Cats sure know what they love and how to completely revel in it.
She’s an inspiration. She definitely knows Bliss intimately.

Next time was a few months ago. I was in my living room, reading on the sofa. Simple enough. Sometimes, the simplest of moments are the sweetest.

I had soft jazz music playing in the background as I was reading a French book and the music playing was in English. So no interference with my reading, just a lovely soundtrack to the story making its way into my experience. I loved the story. It seemed a little “too easy” at first, but I quickly fell in love with the character. She had to come out of her comfort zone over and over again. I admired her courage, related to her reactions, emotions and of course, tasted every single one of her victories as she found her way in life, eventually realizing what it felt like to be true to herself. Kind of a cliche, an easy one (hence my earlier comment) that we’ve seen over and over in stories and especially movies, but who cares? It made me feel good. I felt I was spending time with a friend, cheering her on and I couldn’t wait for the happy ending. Well….you know, you want it and you don’t, because then that precious experience is over. So I kept a reasonable pace, one that allowed me to really appreciate such a perfect moment when all was still in my world except for the story.
I was so comfortable in my place, surrounded by things that I love; textures, colours, shapes, the harmony of it all, the flow of the energy in that space and then, the perfect music in the background, just completing the moment, giving it dimension and more deliciousness. Sweet moment of wonderful relaxation. I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
Gratitude engulfed me and the word Bliss came to mind again.

Then a few weeks ago, I came across the Pixar movie Inside Out. OMG as they say! 🙂
I’m a life coach, am all about emotions, teach that they are guidance and how to ride the ones that feel good…how to deal with the ones that don’t feel so good, how to always find ways to better explain what is going on and help people realize that everything is useful etc…This movie was absolutely perfect for me. It literally rang all of my bells!  That’s the only way I can describe how it felt to discover the fun of it, the beauty of it, the wonder of it, the brilliance of it and to top it all, the difference it would make in this world. I needed to share this so immediately posted about it on Facebook though I wasn’t even finished watching it. When you feel good, it just overflows, you can’t help sharing and giving. That happiness needs to come out and touch others. I love that about good feelings.:) I know, it’s sick; don’t hate me for it. :)))
So this was a different kind of Bliss; an intense experience, all in excitement and glee.

And then there was Nuit Blanche in Montreal. I went to the Broadway Cafe at the Segal Center for Performing Arts. What an experience!
Musicals do something to me and the word Broadway alone has magical powers. It’s hard to describe what that world represents and why it touches my heart in such a way. So about a year ago, a friend of mine mentioned the Broadway Cafe at the Segal Center in her blog and how she had found her people there. It was a powerful blog post to say the least that really inspired me. So for Nuit Blanche, I finally made it there. Fun, beautiful and moving are the words that come to mind but they fall short of what it really felt like.
The amount of talent in this city is just staggering and what impressed me was the fact that since those songs are from musicals, everyone got into character once they were in the spotlight and the message of their song ended up being carried by that emotion. That absolutely grabs my attention, pulls on my heart strings and brings forth my admiration. Then, there’s the crowd: absolutely incredible! Crazy fun, passionate, colourful and so encouraging and loving to whoever stood in front of that microphone that I could have cried on the spot in the face of such generosity and beautiful display of human qualities.

I didn’t want it to stop, I wasn’t tired, life was oh so good! All of it was food for my soul. I had entered that dimension where everything is beauty, joy and yes, BLISS.



calie bliss



The Generous Tree


I met a tree today in Parc Maisonneuve.

I was taking a walk with a dear friend and we had been walking around for a while, talking and laughing and being silly as we often do when we’re together. We were entering a vast expanse of grass and there it was, so yellow and with branches so low they seem to be kissing the ground or doing a bit of a curtsy but especially… especially, I felt that tree was extending its branches to whomever was willing to receive its generous gift. It was a generous tree.

We were drawn to it. I wanted to give it a hug. I’ve often heard of people who do that but have very rarely done it myself as honestly, I don’t like bugs and that often takes precedence. The thought entered my mind for a second but I didn’t care enough and luckily at this time of year, none were to be found. I skipped to get closer and took one of its low branches into my arms. Anybody, regardless of their height, even a baby sitting on the ground could have done the same. This was everybody’s tree and anyone was welcome to its love.

As I was holding on to the branch, I felt like a kid again and wondered if I could bring my legs up like I used to and hang from it with my arms and legs. I did and looked at the world upside down for a few seconds….the thin yellow leaves against a very blue sky made for such a lovely picture. I felt blessed and my heart was light.  Oh, it felt wonderful! I also got dizzy but who cared?:)) I focused on its branch again and there I was, grounded again. Powerful force, yet so simple, so natural, such common sense. Common sense because there we were, hugging a tree, feeling a strong connection to it, loving it, being truly touched by that moment and we talked of how silly or too deep that might sound to some, but also how basic that was. Other cultures or our culture but in different times might actually find us silly NOT to revere a tree and feel its energy, force and generosity. We reflected on that a bit.

I wanted to climb it. As someone would set their foot on the trunk of an elephant willing to give you a lift on its back, I set my foot on its lowest branch, testing to make sure I wouldn’t break it. The rest was easy; every branch was at the right angle for my arms to reach and for me to settle into the V of some of its limbs. The view from there was beautiful, not because it was high, it sooo wasn’t :)) but because I felt as if I was one with the tree;  my hair like its leaves. As the wind blew, the tree gently rocked me and oh, that beautiful support and dance! I felt so welcome, like it was so happy we were visiting, keeping it company for a while. As my friend experienced it too, she was moved to tears.

I didn’t want to leave. We walked around, touching its branches, hugging them, talking about how fascinating it was to see life in one branch, from the very young smooth twigs to gradually more wrinkled and rugged bark. Some spots felt like little homes to me, like when you’re a child and you’re looking to build a tree house. Not that those spots were strong enough….but the feeling was there, the feeling of that space if that makes any sense.
The branch I had first hugged was just above my shoulder when I was on the ground, so I stayed there, holding it in my arms very loosely and getting the privilege of supporting it too, because when the wind blew, the tree very gently rested a bit of its weight on my shoulder. It was a very humbling experience of taking turns supporting each other. My turn to be moved to tears.

We walked to the trunk that had been split by either lightning or some crazy storm years ago and had caused it to get so close to the ground we guessed. Yet, the tree  had never given up and had trusted in its roots to go on living, grow more limbs and leaves and would now gently brush the grass or snow, season after season.
We eventually walked away in silence for a while. I was holding back tears. There were just no words.

I’d like to think that I’ll go and visit now and again, see it through the seasons and different weather, have a quiet moment with it and revel in its perfect balance of strength and grace. I am truly grateful and touched.




My very first passion in life was dance. I was 4 when I asked for it, so Mom got me into ballet.

I fell in love with English when I was 12. Homework felt like candy, a game. I couldn’t wait to get home and play with it!

As a teenager, I loved to think, analyze and write so when time came to choose in high school, I chose languages and philosophy. 8 hours a week of pondering, questioning, opening my mind and imagining. I was exploring new worlds, a mind traveler.

So there you have it; my three muses: Dance, English and Philosophy.

When I had a burn out dance kept me going. It was one of the rare things I was still interested in. My brain felt like it was fried so when all else failed, dance was there and was fun and provided me with a whole world of magic and movement, including the limitations that came with it; those limitations that actually showed the way to how to listen to the subtle cues of my body to get back to health. I had to first let go and stop fighting my body (had back problems on and off for 10 years), listen to what it was guiding me to do. I eventually found my way back to well-being, back to a more authentic me. I taught English, became a translator and even taught tap dancing for a while. Passions one and two: check, check.

Personal development as such became a part of my life in my twenties once my aunt introduced me to Shirley MacLaine’s books. An extension of my exploration of philosophy, it was intriguing, exciting and fun. I never really stopped after that, read all kinds of books, listened to CDs, DVDs, MP3s, webinars and podcasts (keeping up with technology:) and shared with friends who were also interested in that kind of material. I loved to spend afternoons just sharing nuggets of eureka moments we had had over tea, coffee, fruits, cookies and chips. It fed me more than the food itself and I always felt wonderful, changed.

I wanted more of that so one day I entered keywords in my computer and found the Law of Attraction Montreal Meetup on the first try. Yes, my keywords were Law of Attraction Montreal. I couldn’t miss it. One meeting and I was hooked! I had found my people as Camila says in her Year Beyond Fear Challenge no. 57. It could take me 3 hours to eat a cupcake when usually it’s gone within minutes. I didn’t need food. My body, mind, spirit, soul, all of them were getting exactly what they needed and it was absolutely delicious, thrilling, empowering. I”m still going and I’m learning so much, growing so much. I’m truly, truly grateful.

A little over a year after joining that group and participating every time I felt inspired by a topic, I found myself one day very frustrated over still not having found the perfect career. You know the kind of job that doesn’t feel like one; the one that runs on excitement, fun and joy and is so in tune with who you are that it’s like you’re flying, soaring even and everything is just more colourful, tastes better, feels better. I know, a little too perfect in my imagination but you get the idea. I remember that one evening a friend was offering me a job and I was in tears over not wanting to go backwards, fighting the urge to take it for the sake of financial security….the next, I was pulling out my meditation papers out to try to figure things out and within hours, it would lead to quite a revelation. For me, emotions lead the way to solutions. One minute I was crying and in despair, the next, everything made sense. What a rush!

I have pieces of paper with words that make me feel good written on them. Originally, when there was an ad on TV, I would put it on mute, pick a paper at random and place it over my heart and feel it as intensely as possible. Visualize, imagine the smell, the context, a whole story, whatever it took to feel that word in the present and anchor it in my body. So that day, I decided to choose the words that illustrated how I wanted to feel in a job. I turned them around and elaborated more on the feeling for each of them within the context of the ideal job for me. If I couldn’t name or imagine it, I could at least figure out how I wanted to feel.

A friend of mine helped me put the pieces together – literally. Her enthusiasm and passion for her job, not to mention life in general is quite an inspiration. She’s the one who first put the puzzle together. I showed her what I had done with the pieces of paper and she said “Life Coach.” The fog lifted from my brain and then I could see it too! Things became clearer by the minute. That night, I got in the metro to go home and really tried “it” on as I would try a piece of clothing. It was a revelation. I could see the metro moving with me inside but I could also see myself in space with all kinds of lights around me all converging toward one point and I too, was going toward that point. Just like in sci-fi movies. Once I got there, everything stopped and all was well and where it was supposed to be. I had found my place in this world; I had found how I fit in. Everything made sense. It was the most amazing feeling. Momentum, peace, empowerment and a wonderful sense of belonging.

It changed how I show up in life now. If ever there was a moment that felt magical and exhilarating, that was the one.

Passion number three? Checked.




Finding Value in What Feels Off

storm-699135_1280Ever felt like something was off? Or someone was acting out of character?

I’ve had more than one conversation with friends about those feelings we get when things are not quite right with someone we know or someone we come across or an entire situation for that matter. And every time, the question is: “What am I supposed to do with that kind of information?”

Last Thursday, after an always inspiring meetup on Self-Love, I decided to tackle the subject over coffee and tea (always helps!:) with a friend of mine who had attended as well. First of all, she’s mentioned it more than once, I realize it’s very important to consider if it feels appropriate to let that person know about what feels “off”. Not everyone wants to hear it and it’s only our perception anyway so I believe it’s best to deal with it on our own (I’m guilty of not having always felt that way). After all, if we get that information, it’s most probably meant for us, right?:)

So when I first looked at the “issue”, I was a bit at a loss and frustrated for getting the info without an “instructions manual”. Yet, I wanted to find the other side of it. So I started by asking “what’s the point of me getting this off feeling?” but because there was frustration in it, I couldn’t see past it. My mind was too focused on the problem. So I asked “What’s the value of this experience?”. After a couple of minutes of really believing there was value in some way, I found one tiny bit of value: contrast. So when things feel off, it accentuates when things feel right, so I immediately got into the feeling of really appreciating when things are “on” and loving that person or situation right then and there. The “off” shows me the “on” more clearly.

My friend – who was kind of pondering the idea too (notice how what comes to me is her pondering the “idea” as opposed to me pondering the “issue”) while giving me her attention, meaning she was focused on me finding the answer(s) – mentioned forgiveness as in forgiving myself. I looked at her with a face that clearly spelled “what the h… are you talking about?” Still, she’s my very best sounding board, so I filed that information in my mind to examine at a later date as I’ve learned to trust those hunches she gets. So I kept “sitting” in the feeling of observing  the “on” and then it hit me! That is the point! Focusing on the “on” more than ever when the “off feeling” comes along! Since what we focus on seems to expand or becomes a bigger part of our experience to quote Peter Hartman. So even though we’re used to giving our attention to problems to find solutions in this society, the best way – I think – to have a mind that will be open to solutions is to 1- believe solutions exist and 2- give our attention to what works, anything that works or makes us feel good.

By “sitting” in what felt right, the answer then found its way to my brain or vice versa, and my friend focusing and believing I would find the answer(s) helped. So that is the solution: focus on what feels “on” to help the other person find their way back to it as well. Of course, it is up to them to decide to get back to it or not, so help yes but with detachment I would say.

Apparently, my face was transformed once it hit me and became clear to me. All the while, inside of me, it was such a thrill to come to that realization….and then peace settled in …..and then lots of love….and then a feeling that all was well again.




Thanks E. for always being such a beautiful sounding board!

Oh and yes, I had to forgive myself because in feeling that something was off, a part of me was feeling guilty for feeling that, as it was being interpreted as a judgement. So forgiveness was necessary after all.:)


PS: Don’t forget you’re more than welcome to submit your own magic!

Story of a Picture (New York City)


New York city holds a special place in my heart. It has a special rhythm, like a whole city breathing as one.

I’ve had many magical moments there; some about new friendships and the wonder of Broadway shows; like dreams becoming reality, and also flashbacks to lives that may not have been mine but seemed to speak to me from the past. Buildings that feel like they have souls because they’ve held such life for generations, businesses, stories, so many stories. To me, there are many dimensions to New York city and a whole lot of soul.

I hadn’t been there in a while and secretly missed it. It had called me more than once but time and money just hadn’t made it possible to go there or not reasonably possible let’s just say. So I was happy when it seemed a little unreasonable but oh so much fun to consider going with my niece and husband as their translator.

I enjoyed letting her be our guide and it was nice feeling sometimes lost and sometimes finding my way back again to something familiar, a familiar me from close to 10 years ago. Discovering and rediscovering and seeing this city through their eyes, letting go of the control or the responsibility, just letting it happen and appreciating it more than ever. Being the total observer.

It rained. All day pretty much. We knew it and were okay with it. Of course, when it stopped at times, we were also happy for the break but honestly, seeing the city and the New Yorkers that way was most interesting as well. We walked forever, followed our plan and sometimes didn’t and traced and retraced our steps a few times. We didn’t mind, we were explorers, old and new.:)

At some point, we wanted to get to Brookfield Place to see the atrium. My niece had mentioned we might end up close to Ground Zero but it had gotten lost on me eventually. So seeing so many police cars took me by surprise and when I realized where I was, I was choked up. So much sky.. too much sky… At first, I didn’t think I could get close, out of respect and then it felt as if I was being given permission, so I made my way to one waterfall and then the other. To me those waterfalls are a poignant yet beautiful way to remember, very respectfully. It deeply touched me and until now, I kept this moment quiet like something I couldn’t quite voice yet. I felt movement (life), symbolism, healing, respect and hurt all at once. Poignant.
About ten years ago, Mom and I hadn’t wanted to go there, again, not wanting to be “voyeurs” and not sure we could handle it but our city bus had driven by, close enough that every conversation in the bus had stopped for a couple of minutes and then resumed once we were past it. It definitely had made an impression on us, as it did this time as well.

My focus eventually went back to Brookfield Place and the atrium..Construction in front of it prevented us from getting through the main entrance so we walked and walked and walked around the block (of course, blocks are quite big in New York city, hence the “walking forever” mentioned earlier) and by then – it was toward the end of the day – my feet were killing me but I was determined to make it through that whole day and see whatever my family wanted to see so I wasn’t fast but I followed. 🙂 and boy am I glad I did!  What awaited us on the other side was the river with New Jersey floating in the fog (the photo). My niece and her husband walked down the steps and the scene unfolded for me. I took a few shots as her husband was walking toward her but I already knew the end result and it was such a gift to see everything take place, to be in the perfect place at the perfect time and feel it happening. I love that picture and am so grateful that everything conspired for it to come to life. My niece in turn took wonderful shots as well and that moment by the water is the one we’ll remember always I think…and if the rain had been a troublesome companion at times during the day, we really didn’t mind it just then. 🙂


My Cat is Love


My cat is many things. She’s tenderness, she’s fun, she’s patience AND impatience, she’s trust, she’s happiness, she’s eagerness, she’s curiosity (of course since she’s a cat!:), she’s total relaxation and ease, she’s generosity and forgiveness. I could go on and on, but what comes first for me is that she’s love.

At eight months old when I brought her back from the shelter and took her out of the cage and held her in my arms, she gave me love right away and she hasn’t stopped since. That is her default setting. If she’s mischievous (oh yes, she’s that too!) because she doesn’t want me to sleep and I get impatient or angry with her, she’ll come back within minutes with love like she can’t stand for it to be any other way between us. I’ll walk by and she’ll expect nothing but love from me and if I pet her, she’ll stand it only so long before she joins in and needs to give me signs of her affection for me. She’ll be looking outside the window and I’ll get close to her to see what she’s looking at and she’ll bump her cheek on mine. Of course, she’s the best cuddler and trusts me and treats me like I’m another cat she’s cuddling with. That, to me is magic.

I feel so privileged to be trusted in such a way and totally embraced into her world. My heart wasn’t closed before but she sure keeps it open more often and reminds me to come back to the present, to play time, to myself when I’m too lost in thoughts or chasing some illusion of urgency.

She welcomes anyone and everyone (at the door!) with happiness and expects nothing but the best in all.

I”m inspired by her wisdom and at other times am laughing at her silliness. Unlike most cats I know, she doesn’t get offended by that. I’m in awe of how she lets go so easily and just assumes that the best spots in her world are meant to be hers. Such self-confidence and innate sense of self-worth!:) She totally embraces well-being and never questions it.

My cat is love and one of my best teachers!

With love, from her to me to you,  IMG_0292


B’s Story

file0001559400483I met B. about 15 years ago as we both love musicals and dance. We have been to NY City together to see Broadway shows quite a few times and always made the very best of it. She’s fun, kind, smart and giving. A beautiful human being. I do treasure her friendship. She’s brought a lot of joy into my life, opened my horizons and introduced me to people who are now very dear friends as well. We’ve had many memorable moments together. Back in May, she started having problems with one of her legs. It led to an operation at the end of August and that should have ended there, with a normal, easy recovery. But with B., things don’t always go so smoothly when it comes to her health. So it didn’t go so well and for about 10 days, she had an operation every day and it didn’t look good. Her leg didn’t look good; so much so that the doctors started talking about cutting it off. They were trying to convince her and were literally hours away from doing it when another doctor stepped in and convinced everyone to try one more thing: the hyperbaric chamber. This is when things finally turned around. The chamber + still some operations eventually saved her leg. She lost some tendons yes but her leg is there and one day, she was standing up in the hospital and the next or close she was home walking with a walker. And then the walker was too inconvenient for her in a matter of days so she found a way to not have to use it all the time. She knew she had to build muscles back and she was doing it at a rhythm that was beyond my expectations (and they were not low, believe me. I believe in her!). She’s a dancer. She does ballet (pointe shoes and all), tap and jazz. She’s in dance class at least 4 times a week, so you can imagine her fear, her anxiety over losing her leg or not dancing ever again. But one day, she sends an email and gives me details of the exercises she plans on doing at the barre in ballet class and how and why, saying since she needs to build muscle, she might as well accomplish that while doing something she loves. I had tears in my eyes as I read her words. Such determination, such creativity in her need to heal! It was brilliant and so inspirational to me. That moment, that will, that spirit; absolutely perfect and beautiful. Now, you’ve got to know now that this is not B.’s first encounter with adversity. When I first met her she told me she had lost an eye to a rare condition and after many, many operations (we’re talking 20 or 30 operations) to try to save it. And she’s always been a dancer so of course, she had to learn to dance again in a way. Her balance was totally off now seeing with only one eye, so she found her way back to that and I’ve always admired that amazing balance she has. So here she is again, finding and fighting her way back to what she loves and being an inspiration to me at the very least. Of course she sounds like she’s really unlucky in life. I’m always amazed how some people seem to have such heavy karma if you believe in that, but when I see such determination coupled with creativity and passion, I can’t help but be in awe of the human spirit. Val. Update: Jan. 2015 – She’s now started tap dancing in her kitchen, doing time steps and thinks she’ll be back in tap dance class next year. So happy to hear that! Go B.!!!!:)